1ª Reunión del proyecto Waves del curso 2011-2012

El pasado 17 de octubre tuvo lugar el primer encuentro Waves de este curso escolar en Elazig, Turquía.
La encargada del proyecto en Stucom, Rosario Cuart junto con los profesores Ramón Abad Y Eduard Mirapeix asistieron al encuentro para planificar  las actividades del proyecto que van a realizarse este curso. El Sr. Remzi Solmaz, organizó de una forma excelente todas las actividades.
Waves Project- Meeting in Elazig .
Last 17th October. it was held the first Waves meeting of 2011-2012. Mrs Rosario Cuart , in charge of the project in Stucom and the teachers Ramon Abad and Eduard Mirapeix attended the meeting.Activities to be done this year were planned with all members. We have to thank Mr Remzi Solmaz for the excellent organization and to all his colleagues for their work.

This is the Program of the fourth meeting of Comenius Multilateral School Partners “Waves“ that be held between 17-21 October in Elazığ

17.10.2011 Taking the guests to the hotel from the airport and dinner.
18.10.2011 09:00 Going to Elazığ Anatolian High School, Meeting with the staff. Attending to lessons.
11:00 Visit to harput, A historical and cultural visit  “Harput castle, A local and historical house, Buzluk, Turkish Baths”
13:00 Lunch in Harput  (local food)
14:00 – 15:00 Resting time at hotel
15:00 Visit to Pertek Thermal hotel
18:00 Dinner at  Baranlar Restaurant
20:00 Comeback to hotel
19.10.2011 09:00 Leaving the hotel and trip to Keban (a town of Elazığ), “dam , powerplant, Çırçır waterfall ”
13:00 Lunch  (Local Fish Cuisine)
15:00 – 17:00 City Tour (Various craftworks, copper, clothing, needlecraft, spices, marble vs.)
17:00 – 18:00 Resting time at hotel
18:00 Dinner at Kömürhan Bridge  (kavurma food (special roasted meat.) or Dinner at Misland
(there may be a tv program about our Project after dinner)
20.10.2011 09:00 Leaving the hotel
10:00 Project meeting at Sivrice teacherage by the lake.
13:00 Lunch at  Sivrice teacherage
14:30 Visit to town of Sivrice  and mount Hazarbaba.
17:00 Barbecue party and Sıra night(famous local music)
21.10.2011 Departure


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