Projecte Pools 3

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Pools 3 (Producing Open Online Learning Systems – 3) és un projecte que vol potenciar els resultats del projecte «original» Pools, que va desenvolupar materials per a l’ensenyament d’idiomes i l’aprenentatge, així com la formació del professorat.

El projecte vol promoure i explotar CALL (ComputerAssisted Language Learning), en català, txec, i irlandès.




  • Annual International seminar on languages minority «Education – a issieus life  changing experince» in Brussels – 13 November 2013
    EfVET team presented the project at the seminar – more than 80 participants from all over Europe as well several non –EU citizens from such countrie as Canada and ect.This year’s seminar focused on the importance of education from a minority language prespective. In order to ensure equity in education for all children, different solutions are needed for minority language children.More information
  • Europemobility Networks International Conference in Brussels.
    On the 26th of November Pools 3 project was presented at the 2nd Europemobility Network International Conference in Brussels. With 114 registered participants and several keynote speakers, the conference gathered together mobility coordinators and key actors in the field of mobility from 24 countries. Paul Tzimas from the European Commission presented the contents of the Key Action 1 of Erasmus+ to underlie the importance of the students’ and young people mobility. Stefan Jahnke, the President of Erasmus Student Network stressed the added value on employment of learning mobility. Søren Kristensen, Techne director, highlighted the new target groups in international mobility actions, i.e. young people with fewer o opportunities.With a choice of several roundtable discussions, each focusing of different key topics in learning mobility, and a set of parallel workshops tackling quality and cooperation models, funding schemes, impact assessment and recognition, the conference offered a wide variety of opportunities to mobility coordinators to discuss about relevant issues in learning mobility, to learn and to network. The conference represented an excellent opportunity to announce and publish forthcoming peer-learning clubs’ activities, open to all Europemobility network members.One of the most exciting moments of the conference was the Video Contest 2013 ceremony where 6 young European mobile learners were awarded.
  • EUCIS –LLL organised its 3rd Lifelong Learning week in the European Parliament in December.The objective of the week was a practical focus on the upcoming European Elections of Spring 2014 and has been lanched  its Manifesto for the European elections and many events was took place in order to provide ideas on how to modernise education and training system in Europe.EfVET team, presented the project at the EfVET on one of the exhibition stands talking and presenting with MEP’s and other invited representatives about EfVET and Pools 3 projectSee