Business Race

Business Race, an entertaining and enjoyable experience of practicing your business English in a more creative way.

The workshop was organized by all the members of Stucom’s Language Department, who made an excelent work, encouraging the participants to participate, practice their english speaking and learn more about the business world.

Firstly, all the participants were divided in groups of 5 to 6 members. After that, each group had to throw a dice and depending on the number that appeared, the groups would preside a certain activity. Every activity had a mission, some were to practice the spelling, others to strengthen the speaking, while others would test your comprehension.

Each activity was planned with a slight touch of challenge, so the participants could always increase their knowledge about the field and the language. For example, there was one task that consisted in maintain a telephone conversation between a receptionist and client; another task required joining together certain syllables, so as to form words related to business world; there was another one -more related to cultural awareness- that asked the participants to guess how do Russian people greet, or what Thai people do when they receive a gift from someone.

In my opinion, the activity also aimed to spread the importance of teamwork, since every step towards the victory required a good performance of every group member.

Himani S. Patele – CFGS Marqueting y Gestión Comercial

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